MLE Technology at Embedded World 2018, Booth 4-670

For decades, Embedded Systems designers have been provided with more compute power than typically needed to run the application. But now, with needs for Data-in-Motion and/or Artifical Intelligence (Machine Learning / Deep-Learning) this luxury is gone: Dennard-Scaling and Von-Neumann Processing are clearly running out of steam!

Heterogeneous Compute enabling Dataflow Processing comes to the rescue for those who need to scale performance. The outcome is a convergence of Software and Programmable Logic which has been driven by the advent of powerful multi-core Application Processors integrated with leading edge FPGA fabric.

High-Performance Embedded Systems designers, thereby, receive more choices to deliver solutions within demanding cost/power/performance envelopes. The full utilization of those benefits, however, requires new methodologies and expertise.

Missing Link Electronics (MLE) has been at the forefront of these developments for many years, and supports you and your projects with expert knowledge and dependable solutions.

We are honored that our FPGA technology is choosen by key customers and partners for presentation at the Embedded World Exhibition & Conference 2018.


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FPGAs for High Performance

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Custom Data Steaming & Processing for LIDAR RADAR VIDEO SENSORS

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  • Booth 3-311: Zync UltraScale+ MPSoC – Neural Network design example on Ultra96 Board, a live demo at the Xilinx Inc. booth.


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