Embedded World 2010

Please come and visit Missing Link Electronics from March 2nd - 4th at the Embedded World Exhibition and Conference in Nuremberg, Germany. Our German engineering and manufacturing partner CAD-UL Electronic Services GmbH will be hosting a demonstration of Missing Link Electronics Rapid Prototyping Platforms in booth 9-501 in hall 9.


MLE 1000 Series Release 2.1 Real-time

To provide real-time capabilities, new firmware and software for the MLE 1000 Series RPS is now available. Real-time functionality is achieved by combining the MLE Linux kernel with Adeos I-Pipe and with Xenomai. The new Release 2.1 Real-time is available for download.


In-flight Entertainment Prototyping

To facilitate system architecture exploration and network topology analysis for innovative in-flight entertainment and connectivity applications MLE has delivered a proof-of-concept platform to a European aviation joint-venture working on next generation cabin electronics.


Parallel Video Stream Processing Using MLE 1000 Series shown

At the 14th International VDI Congress "Electronic Systems for Vehicles" in Baden-Baden, Germany, a Parallel Video Image Stream Processing system was presented which utilized a MLE 1000 Series RPS as a camera breakout box.



MLE 1000 Series Release 2.0

New firmware and software for the Missing Link Electronics MLE 1000 Series Rapid Prototyping System is now available. The new functionality includes stability fixes in the PowerPC-based applications processor, a robust, networked rescue system, and a suite of confidence tests for the underlying hardware interfaces. The new Release 2.0 is available for download.


MLE 1000 Series Rapid Prototyping System now available

Missing Link Electronics introduces the MLE 1000 Series Rapid Prototyping System (RPS) which makes available an early clone of the target hardware running the target software to facilitate architectural exploration at Electronic System Level (ESL), to enable concurrent design and testing of hardware, software and diagnostic functions, and to reduce the risks and efforts during system integration.


Embedded World 2009

In booth 9-501, hall 9, at the Embedded World Exhibition and Conference in Nuremberg, Germany, prominent electronic design and manufactoring service company CAD-UL Electronic Services GmbH will be hosting a demonstration of Missing Link Electronics Rapid Prototyping Platforms. Using the famous game of PONG as a proof-of-concept application multiple FPGA-based embedded systems are connected via CAN, USB, LVDS, Bluetooth, and Ethernet networking technology. Please stop by for more information.


New Offices in Neu-Ulm, Germany

Missing Link Electronics moved into new office space at the TFU in Neu-Ulm, Germany. Strategically located in close proximity of leading European automotive and aerospace industry partners, there will be sufficient space to grow to the next level.


Electronica 2008

Missing Link Electronics presents its' Flexible Prototyping Platform at Electronica 2008. You can find us in the booth of Zitzmann GmbH, Hall A1, Booth 246.


Xilinx® Embedded Technology

In the Xilinx XCell Journal Issue 66 you will find a detailed description from Missing Link Electronics' engineering team on how to make use of the PowerPC APU inside Xilinx Virtex5-FXT devices. The reference designs mentioned in that article can be found in our Documentation section.