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Key-Value-Store Accelerator

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What versions of the Xilinx toolchain and Linux is supported?

ZU19SN is based on Xilinx Vivado 2016.4 and the matching Xilinx PetaLinux 2016.4.

Can I select different versions for Xilinx Vivado and Xilinx PetaLinux?

Yes, you can! However, we noticed minor glitches with u-boot in 2017.1 and plan to test 2017.2. Please keep in mind that both versions,Vivado and PetaLinux, must match. If not you may run into problems because the PL hooks (aka hardware) may be incompatible with the PS hooks (aka software), and again, may be incompatible with the HDF file.Therefore, Xilinx (and MLE) recommends to use identical versions for both! Zynq SSE is closer to the other hard IP core I/O functions inside the Zynq Processing System (PS), like UART or SDIO: It is fully instantiated and 'frozen' and cannot be altered - other than you are able to change the pin assignment.

I have difficulties to compile in Vivado...

The Sidewinder-100 board from Fidus Systems is populated with an engineering sample ES2 of the Xilinx ZU19EG device. Please ensure that you have enabled beta device support. Please check back with ourdocumentation on instruction for enabling beta device support.

Do I get source code?

Yes, this project is all about collaboration. So, you will receive source code & scripts for the PetaLinux project plus for everything thatis not a 3rd-party IP core.

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