Request Information for Key-Value Store Accelerator

Key-Value-Store Accelerator


The KVS Accelerator is available as a combination of Intellectual Property (IP) Cores, reference designs, and design integration services:

  Deliverables Example Pricing

KVS Accelerator Device

Integrated System-on-Chip solution, built on top of Xilinx Zynq-Ultrascale+ technology, integrating KVS acceleration with 10/25/100 GigE and SATA and/or NVMe, and others.

Based on NRE and unit volume

10/25 GigE KVS Card

Networked Key-Value-Store Card with 10/25 GigE, pre-programmed with KVS; also available as a complete reference design. 14,800.00 € (min. order quantity of 5)

Intellectual Property (IP) Cores

Single-Project or Multi-Project Use for Xilinx FPGA; Modular and application-specific IP cores, and example design projects; delivered as encrypted netlists or HDL/C/C++ source code.

starting at 98,000.00 €

Application-specific R&D Services

Advanced KVS acceleration R&D services with access to acceleration experts from MLE, Xilinx or Fraunhofer HHI.

1,820.00 € per engineering day

Please contact MLE for additional details on KVS Accelerator products and services.