2nd Workshop: Programmable Processing for the Future and Autonomous Car




The 2nd Workshop "Programmable Processing for the Future and Autonomous Car - From classical FPGA to heterogeneous MPSoC" turns to an impressive event with high-quality presentations and interested participants who had active discussions alongside the lectures. Please click the following links to get an impression of our first workshop last year.




Agenda of the workshop 2018 (Download):

Anestis Terzis (Hochschule Ulm): Programmable Processing for the Future and Autonomous Car - Workshop Introduction.

Wolfgang Fey (Sen. Manager Assisted Driving Control Systems, Continental Ulm):

Key Note: Automated Driving: A "Quantum Leap" for the next Generation Automotive Systems!

Karsten Trott (FAE, Xilinx):

Xilinx reVision xfOpenCV.

Felix Eberli (Department Head, Supercomputing Systems AG):

Smart Automotive Sensors with acceleration on FPGA and CPU.

Dr. Petros Kapsalas (Computer Vision Expert, Panasonic Automotive & Industrial Systems):

Supervised versus Unsupervised SLAM.

Jochen Frensch (Lead Engineer, Mentor Embedded, Mentor Graphics Development (Deutschland) GmbH):

Implementation of a fully connected feed forward neural network using Vivado HLS.

Mark Leznik (Researcher, Institute of Information Resource Management, Ulm University):

Is the Cloud Ready for Autonomous Driving?

Philipp Hoffmann (Project Manager Interior Concepts Entry Class Vehicles, BMW Group):

Concepts and Image Processing with Multi-Camera-Monitor-Systems.

Steffen Jannik Maier (Researcher, Institute of Communication Technology, Hochschule Ulm):

Image Signal Processing for a Camera-Monitor-System with a Zynq FPGA.

Tobias Augspurger (Group Leader Department Autonomous Logistics, StreetScooter GmbH):

Open Source System Prototyping in Autonomous Logistics.

Anestis Terzis (Hochschule Ulm):

Closing the Workshop, Outlook.



The fee for this Workshop is 50 € and includes workshop documentation and lunch. The participation for students and employees of the Hochschule Ulm is free of charge. The payment will be directly on site.

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The Workshop will take place:

Hochschule Ulm

Campus Albert-Einstein-Allee

Albert-Einstein-Allee 55

89081 Ulm

Room Q029



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This Workshop will be located at Campus Albert-Einstein-Allee, Location B.

Impressions of the successful event 2018:

Felix Eberli, Endric Schubert, Rainer Liehnart, Anestis Terzis, Stephan Reuter, Andreas Scheffer, Mathias Güthoff

Nick Ni

Vinod Kathail

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