RPS 1000 Product Support

Our products follow the concept of "Soft Hardware". New functionality and updates can be added simply by downloading a new image to your existing "Soft" Hardware system thus greatly extending the life span and value of your Missing Link Electronics product. Missing Link Electronics uses Unified Design Image (UDI) technology to make field updates and system upgrades more efficient and reliable.

MLE 1000 Series Software

For the MLE 1000 Series RPS running MLE Linux please download and install all components of the Unified Design Image (UDI). The System UDI includes the software-defined printed circuit board functionality plus the "Soft" Hardware compute architecture. Source code can be downloaded from the  Open Source section below.

MLE Unified Design Image downloads

Development Tools

Software Development Environment Virtual Machine downloads

For easy system software development we have configured a virtual machine image. It is a Ubuntu 8.04 LTS Linux guest system which is readily set up und runs under VMWare Server 2.0 or VirtualBox. To get access to the MLE Software Development Environment please contact your nearest Missing Link Electronics office.