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How to evaluate your next IP-Core in the Cloud

Presentation at Embedded World Conference 2014

An overview of how the cloud technology can help you to evaluate your next IP-Core.

(download slides)


Funktionale Sicherheit – Testing unter den Bedingungen der Safety Integrity Levels

Präsentation auf dem Neu-Ulmer Test-Engineering Day
Sebastian Stiemke, MissingLinkElectronics, Neu-Ulm


(download slides)

Zynq-SoCs mit busfunktionalen Modellen debuggen

Konferenz ARM-Systementwicklung 2013

AXI4 Bus Functional Models (BFM) inside the Cadence Virtual System Platform can ease hardware/software co-debugging of Zynq-7000 All Programmable SoCs (German).
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Hybride Apps - DPR und Android auf dem Xilinx ZYNQ

Konferenz ARM-Systementwicklung 2013

How to combine Dynamic Partial Reconfiguration with the Android runtime environment for on-the-fly system updates of Xilinx ZYNQ-7000 All Programmable SoCs (German).
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Performanzanalysen von Smart Systems auf Systemebene

Konferenz ARM-Systementwicklung 2013

Tools and methods for measuring system-level performance under Linux (German).
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Embedded Systems Realization with Hybrid Apps

DAC 2013

Embedded Systems Realization with Hybrid Apps - Open Source ANDROID Meets Dynamic Partial Reconfiguration
(download slides)

How to counter lifecycle and security challenges for Xilinx All-Programmable Zynq systems.


IO-Link Protocol Stack for a Configurable Microprocessor

Embedded World 2013

IO-Link Protocol Stack for a Configurable Microprocessor
(download slides)   (download technical paper)

A detailed overview over the IO-Link Protocol for Smart Sensors
on configurable microprocessors in FPGAs.


Design Choices for FPGA-based SoCs When Adding a SATA Storage

Embedded World 2013

Design Choices for FPGA-based SoCs (download slides)
When Adding a SATA Storage (download technical paper)

Extend the Zynq-7000 All Programmable SoC with SATA SSD storage
by choosing the right performance micro-architecture.


Xilinx XCELL Journal Issue 81

Xperts Corner

Xilinx XCELL Journal, Issue 81, 2012 (download PDF)

Testing and debugging Zynq SoC Designs with bus functional modelings (BFM).


ASSPs selber bauen (German)

Konferenz für ARM-Systementwicklung 2012

ASSPs selber bauen (German) (download PDF)

ZYNQ-7000 series Extensible Processing Platform (EPP)enables to build in-house, optimized Application Specific Standard Processors (ASSP) with low-power, dual-core ARM Cortex A9 CPUs plus custom co-processing plus almost any I/O connectivity.