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EMS & Turnkey Solutions


In close collaboration with our electronic engineering and manufacturing services partners MLE provides complete, integrated turnkey solutions including hardware / PCB design and manufacturing, systems / software / FPGA development and test.


Elemaster SpA

Elemaster (former CAD-UL Electronic Services GmbH) in Ulm, Germany, and MLE have a successful history of delivering FPGA-based Turnkey Systems for Automotive, Aerospace, Defense and Test & Measurement applications. Close proximity enables both teams to respond very shortly to customer's special needs.



EMCOMO Solutions AG

Since 2015, MLE partners with EMCOMO Solutions AG to provide FPGA  subsystems  and development services for FPGA-based MicroTCA modules.



Pro Design electronic gmbh

As a PRO DESIGN partner, MLE additionally offers consulting services to PRO DESIGN users to facilitate adoption and deployment of proFPGA High-Speed FPGA Modules for use in ASIC prototyping, ECU prototyping, system architecture exploration and validation, or high performance computing.


Trenz Electronic GmbH

Trenz Electronic GmbH is a fellow member of the Xilinx Alliance Program. The combination of leading edge, high-quality FPGA and SoC Modules from Trenz and FPGA Design Expertise and IP Cores from MLE significantly reduces development costs and risks for any FPGA user, novice or experienced.