Convergence of Software and Programmable Fabric

The convergence of Software and Programmable Logic is driven by the advent of powerful multi-core Application Processors integrated with leading edge FPGA fabric. High-Performance Embedded Systems designers, thereby, receive more choices to deliver solutions within demanding cost/power/performance envelopes. The full utilization of those benefits requires new methodologies and expertise. Missing Link Electronics (MLE) has been at the forefront of these developments for many years, and supports you and your projects with expert knowledge and dependable solutions.


Configurable Systems

Our pre-validated "Soft" Hardware Platform combines hardware and software and reduces R&D costs and time-to-market. For application-specific Automotive, Industrial, Scientific, Medical  embedded systems this is a fast-path from proof-of-concept to prototype to production.

All systems come with a full GNU/Linux software stack pre-installed and tested and provide industrial PC connectivity (USB, SATA, Bluetooth, DVI, Audio, SPI, IIC, CAN, LVDS, GPIO, ADC, DAC) plus secure TCP/IP networking over Ethernet, WiFi, GSM, or UMTS.

Most functionality is integrated into one single configurable System-on-Chip. The result is a compact, extensible platform: I/O connectivity and digital data processing can be configured to adapt to different requirements for different applications -- without any special expertise in the underlying FPGA technology.

Software development follows defacto standards based on Open Source cross-compilers. A powerful MLE Linux distribution build environment automates application software assembly for many target architectures.

Depending on the use model, as a Rapid Prototyping System (RPS), as an Application Specific Standard System (ASSS), or as a Product Development Platform (PDP), Missing Link Electronics delivers the following platform components: 







 Distribution Builder

MLE customized GNU-based cross-compilation and Debian-style Linux package management

Application SW

Linux root filesystem for USB memory stick, microSD, NFS with over 500 packages including
filesystems (EXT2, EXT3, JFFS2, XFS, CRAMFS),
networking (TCP/IP, SSH, SSL, IPSec, NFS, VLAN, WLAN),
graphics (X11, TWM, matchbox),
misc. tools and scripting languages,
GNU compiler tool chain,
delivered in compiled code and source code

 Operating System

ELF loader,
Linux vanilla kernel 2.6.x
(Xenomai Real-Time extensions optional) plus
MLE RPS extensions and
board support package (ALSA Audio, TFT and DVI drivers, Ethernet, USB, CAN, MTD, GPIO drivers),
in source code and as uImage


Design reference files for
PowerPC 405, or
PowerPC 440, or
Altera NIOS II, or
Xilinx MicroBlaze v7
based SoC with DDR and Flash memory controllers,
PLB / OPB / OpenCores wrappers,
plus custom peripherals

FPGA Device

Altera Cyclone III, or
Altera Cyclone IV, or
Altera Stratix III, or
Altera Stratix IV, or
Xilinx Spartan-6, or
Xilinx Virtex-4, or
Xilinx Virtex-5, or
Xilinx Virtex-6

I/O connectivity

RPS I/O Connectivity plus optional
6x CAN,
Touchscreen TFT,
and more


Design reference files for DIN size MLE-HUA1 board, or derivative