Platform-Based Design

Described by Professor Alberto Sangiovanni-Vincentelli from the University of California, Berkeley, as “Freedom from Choice!” Platform-Based Design and Component-Based Design are powerful methodologies. MLE applies these techniques to Embedded System design because of their great potentials. The combination of off-the-shelf components with a rich Open Source software stack delivers processing platforms which are:

  • Complete enough – to significantly reduce design complexity and, thereby, development costs and risks
  • Versatile – to be customizable, at hardware and at software level, for many target applications
  • Powerful – by combining standard processing with application specific co-processing
  • Cost efficient – from a development and from a bill-of-materials perspective to become viable solutions for industrial and automotive applications.

MLE's “Soft” Hardware Platform makes it easy to take advantage of new programmable device technology such as Extensible Processing Platforms.