Low-Latency Processing

Embedded Systems with real-time requirements as well as video processing, streaming media, networking, and other packet switching applications share one requirement which is hard to meet using conventional CPU-only implementations: Low Latency.

By complementing the data processing in the software domain with the programmable logic domain, a more parallel computation with significantly shorter response times can be achieved. Target architectures suitable for such Low-Latency Processing are FPGA companion solutions, for example described here, or tightly coupled Extensible Processing Platforms.

By means of application-specific hardware / software partitioning MLE's “Soft” Hardware Platforms allow to migrate functionality between the hardware and the software domain for better processing, and to reduce latency and increase bandwidth.

MLE's Acceleration Technology is available for easy adoption in your next

  • networking
  • storage

project in form of reference designs and completely integrated systems stacks.