1st Workshop: Programmable Processing for the Future and Autonomous Car




The 1st Workshop "Programmable Processing for the Future and Autonomous Car - From classical FPGA to heterogeneous MPSoC" was an impressive event with high-quality presentations and interested participants who had active discussions alongside the lectures. Please follow the links below for a summary and impressions of this special event (german language).




If you are interested in one of the presentations please click the title on the respective article:

Anestis Terzis (Hochschule Ulm): Programmable Processing for the Future and Autonomous Car - Workshop Introduction.

Felix Eberli (Supercomputing Systems AG):

Hardwareaspekte Deep Learning - FPGAs für Computer Vision im Auto.

Stephan Reuter & Karl Granström & Dominik Nuss & Alexander Scheel (University Ulm):

Multi-Objekt-Tracking und Grid-Mapping für die Fahrzeugumfelderfassung unter Verwendung von Random-Finite-Sets.

Rainer Lienhart (University Augsburg):

Low-Precision Deep Neural Networks (DNN)- State-of-the-art, strengths and weaknesses, and a proposal for next steps to enable FPGAs to become a preferred computer platform for DNN inference.

Nick Ni & Vinod Kathail & Kay Migge (Xilinx):

Machine Learning Technologies, Effective Data Types for CNN, Caffe to Zynq Design Flow.
High-Level Synthesis - From C/C++ to FPGA.

 Impressions of a successful event:

Felix Eberli, Endric Schubert, Rainer Liehnart, Anestis Terzis, Stephan Reuter, Andreas Scheffer, Mathias Güthoff

Nick Ni

Vinod Kathail

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