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      XPS USB 2.0 EHCI Host Controller

      XPS USB 2.0 Host Controller IP Cores

      As of October 2011, Xilinx handed over to MLE sales and support for the Xilinx XPS USB 2.0 EHCI Host Controller. Available in Revision 2.00a, this IP Core allows users to connect FPGAs to full-speed and high-speed USB devices for human-machine interface applications, cameras and storage. The current release supports Spartan-3, Spartan-6 or Virtex-4, Virtex-5, Virtex-6 FPGAs in a Big-Endian PLB-based architecture. A Little-Endian AXI4-based architecture for 7-series FPGAs will be available soon for USB 2.0 Host Controller.

      USB 2.0 Host Controller - Block Diagram

      Core Benefits of USB 2.0 Host Controller

      • Reduce PCB footprint and BoM costs with this integrated FPGA solution
      • Reduce development cost, time and risks with this integrated, pre-validated system stack
      • Counter parts obsolescence
      • Supported by Linux and PetaLinux


      Extend FPGA-based Embedded Systems with USB 2.0 connectivity to add Off-the-shelf components for:

      • Thumbdrive storage
      • HDD and SSD storage
      • Human Interface Devices (HID)
      • Bluetooth
      • WiFi 802.11abgn
      • GSM/UMTS/LTE


      MLE provides a three-phase product integration roadmap for customers:

      Product Name Deliverables Pricing

      Trial Version

      Integrated and delivered with Xilinx ISE. Fully functional with timeout after approx. 4 hours.

      free of charge

      Production License

      Single-Project or Multi-Project Use License; shipped as encrypted RTL code plus Xilinx ISE synthesis license key.

      starting at $20,000.-


      Support from Certified Xilinx engineers at MLE available on a T&M basis. Inquire

      Source code

      RTL Source Code for inspection purposes available under NDA. Inquire