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      FPGA IP-Cores & Licensable Subsystem Stacks

      IP-Cores & Licensable Subsystem Stacks

      ASIC / FPGA IP Cores & Licensable Subsystem Stacks

      MLE offers various pre-validated ASIC / FPGA IP Cores and custom services for Network Acceleration, Storage Acceleration, PCIe Non-Transparent Bridge (PCIe NTB), AMD/Xilinx legacy devices, and Mixed-Signal applications.

      Network Acceleration

      Network Acceleration FPGA IP Cores

      MLE’s patented and patent pending technology provides distinct advantages for offloading and accelerating network protocol processing at speeds up to 100 Gbps in FPGA, or faster in ASIC.

      Storage Acceleration

      Storage Acceleration FPGA IP Cores

      Next-generation storage protocols such as NVMExpress (NVMe) provide significant performance benefits and, when combined with FPGAs, can be used for Computational Storage, Data-in-Motion processing and high-speed data capture and recording.

      PCI Express

      PCI Express FPGA IP Cores MLE provides complete system stacks for PCIe Connectivity between FPGAs, CPUs, GPUs and SoCs, which allow implementation of high-performance, low-latency data transfers without expert knowledge of PCIe. Our patented and patent pending technology can be used for PCIe direct connect or Long-Range Tunneling and supports topologies from PCIe point-to-point to networks using Non-Transparent Bridging.

      Xilinx Long-term Support

      Xilinx FPGA IP Cores  Long-term SupportXilinx has selected MLE to provide long-term support for discontinued IP Cores including XPS USB 2.0 EHCI Host Controller and the XAUI and RXAUI IP Core for Xilinx devices.

      Mixed-Signal FPGA

      Mixed-Signal FPGA IP Core

      MLE’s patented technology enables Mixed-Signal FPGA solutions based on integrate Delta-Sigma converters in FPGA logic and LVDS FPGA pins to reduce BoM costs and PCB footprint.

      FPGA Design Services

      FPGA IP Core Design Services

      MLE’s engineering team takes a system-level view, has special expertise and has been equipped by leading FPGA vendors to de-risk your next FPGA design project.