Management Team

The management team behind MLE has a history of working on programmable logic design, embedded system design, reconfigurable computing, Linux kernel development, and heterogenous networking technology for embedded electronics.


Endric Schubert, PhD

Founder & CTO

Dr. Endric Schubert is an experienced technologist and entrepreneur in the field of electronic and semiconductor design. His background includes software engineering, FPGA technology, Reconfigurable Computing and Embedded Systems design. He worked in the Advanced Technology Group at Exemplar Logic, at Axis Systems, at Aristo Technology Inc. and later co-founded Bridges2Silicon, Inc. and ESIC-Solutions. He has authored various technical publications, is inventor of several patents and holds lectures on electronic system design.

Endric holds an Electrical Engineering degree (Dipl.-Ing.) from University of Karlsruhe, Germany and a PhD degree from University of Tuebingen, Germany. He is a guest lecturer on system level design at the University of Ulm, Germany.


Robert Barker


Robert (Bob) Barker is an experienced executive manager with many years in the semiconductor and software industries. He has worked for large and small companies; including Philips, Xilinx, and Mentor Graphics. He was responsible for introducing some of the most successful FPGA Design Creation tools Galileo and Leonardo to the market at Exemplar Logic prior to its acquisition by Mentor Graphics. He has a sustained track record with start up companies and as an employee and as a consultant has helped several companies achieve success, including Blackstone Technology Group and Future Design Automation. He has co-authored two patents.

Bob has a BSEE from California State Polytechnic University, SLO.


Sebastian Stiemke

Director Engineering

Sebastian Stiemke has served as the General Manager for two automotive parts suppliers in Europe. He has broad experience in the European automotive and aerospace industry where he advised OEMs and suppliers on improvement of development processes, quality control and the optimization of validation and verification processes. Prior to that he worked for the Quality Department of Audi AG Ingolstadt, Germany.

Sebastian has a degree in mechanical engineering (Dipl.-Ing.) from TU Berlin, Germany.


Andreas Schuler

Director Application

Andreas Schuler is Director Applications at Missing Link Electronics where he coordinates joint work of Xilinx and MLE. His field of operation reaches over Architecture design, Image processing, Security, Neural Networks to product development.

Andreas Schuler holds a degree in Industrial Electronics (B.Eng.) from Ulm University of Applied Sciences, Germany.


Carsten Elgert


Carsten Elgert has a technical background in ASIC design and fiber-optical communication. He matured in the EDA industry where he held several management positions in application, marketing and sales at companies including Daisy Systems, Mentor Graphics and Cadence. Carsten honed his company- and business-management skills in his position as VP sales & marketing and later on as CEO and president of Evatronix SA. Carsten holds an Electrical Engineering degree (Dipl-Ing,) from University of Karlsruhe 


Jim Peek

Technology Advisor

Jim Peek is an experienced entrepreneur and technologist in electronic systems design from chips to large database servers. Jim worked for many years at one of Silicon Valley’s largest computer companies (Sun Microsystems) as well as other companies as engineer, designer, manager, business developer, and corporate development manager. Jim has worked on the design of general purpose mirco-processors (RISC), graphics and floating point processors (Weitek), and was an architect in the area of multiprocessor systems (both SMP and Parallel Processor Systems, Pyramid Technology MIS & MESH) and fault resilient systems (Sun Clusters). He started a company that built some of the first large caches for micro-processors (RISC Systems), He later worked at other startups building storage systems, most recently at Fusion-io as Strategic Marketing Director and later in a similar position at Bay Storage Technology, prior to coming to MLE. Jim holds BSEE & MSEE degrees from UC Berkeley.

Board of Directors

Endric Schubert, PhD


Skandakumar Visvanathan

Skanda Visvanathan has many years of experience in senior management positions at large multinational semiconductor and electronics companies, such as Hewlett Packard, Agilent Technologies and Advantest. He is currently serving as Vice President and General Manager of the 3D Imaging Solutions BU at Heptagon USA Inc. (part of the ams group) and has been a member of the MLE board of directors since 2010.

Skanda holds a degree in electrical engineering (Dipl.-Ing.) from the Technical University of Hamburg, Germany, as well as an MBA degree from the University of Warwick, Great Britain.