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      Data Diodes

      Data Diodes

      Data Diodes - Unidirectional Security Gateway

      A data diode or unidirectional network bridge / unidirectional security gateway is a piece of hardware used to connect two separated networks with the purpose to allow data to travel only in one direction, specifically, from one network into another. Applications are found in high security environments where they connect two or more networks of differing security classifications while making it physically impossible to transfer data in the direction from the lower to the higher security classification.

      Data Diodes Application - Example System Protection

      For this, MLE has partnered with Fraunhofer HHI to provide the industry-proven TCP/UDP/IP Network Protocol Acceleration Platform (NPAP) in form of NPAC, a PCIe Network Protocol Accelerator Card with quad-port 10G Ethernet. NPAC-40G implements reliable high-bandwidth low-latency TCP/UDP/IP transport plus Linux PCIe stream device drivers and can run customizable In-Network Processing such as red/ black network separation functionality on the integrated FPGA subsystem.

      Features and Benefits of Data Diodes

      • FHHL PCIe Card, PCIe 3.1 x8
      • 4x SFP+ for 10 Gig Ethernet
      • Intel Stratix 10 GX 400 FPGA, hardened
      • Tx-only and Rx-only (data-diode) network paths disconnect at PCB level or at circuit level
      • Optional TCP/IP Tx-only or Rx-only (FPGA-integrated TCP endpoint)
      • Optional In-Network Processing for Deep Packet Inspection and/or Firewall
      • Optional access logging
      • Customizable, Ready-to-Run


      • Sending status Information from sensitive industrial plants
      • Sending video streams from sensitive video equipment / cameras
      • Protect classified data in high security networks and prevent it from leaking to low security networks, e.g. in defense
      • Critical Infrastructure and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)
        • Power plants and nuclear power plants
        • Power and water utilities and providers
        • Oil and gas deployments
        • Transportation, rail and air
      • Intelligence & Defense
        • Data Center
        • Tactical and removable media solutions
      • Commercial
        • Financial services
        • Manufacturing
        • Cloud services
        • Telecommunications providers
        • Security Information and Event Management logs
        • Intrusion Detection logs


      MLE Data Diodes are available as a licensable full system stack or delivered as an integrated hardware/firmware/software solution in form of customizable FPGA-based Network Interface Cards (NIC) or as FPGA-based appliances.

      Data Diodes Solution - network interface card (NIC)

      Deliverables include:

      • Pre-configured PCIe Card, ready-to-run
      • Linux device drivers (GPL sources)
      • Application-specific expert design service (optional)
      • Appliance implementation (optional)